19.01.2019 17:17:24

VISIA™ - Which data display option is best for our practice to use?

Three data display options are available depending upon the needs and preferences of the practice, and can either be selected from within VISIA's Session Options tab.

Feature Counts:

Feature Counts provide a count of the number of discrete instances of the feature being evaluated, without regard to the size or intensity of each instance. Feature Counts can be used to track treatment progress when a reduction in the number of discrete instances of a particular feature is desired.

Absolute Scores:

Absolute Scores provide a comprehensive measurement of the impact that the feature has on the client's complexion. Absolute Scores factor in the total size and area as well as intensity of detected instances of the feature being analyzed. Absolute Scores can be used to track treatment progress when the size and intensity of instances of a feature are the most relevant indicator of treatment effectiveness.


Percentiles provide a context in which to evaluate a client's complexion analysis results by presenting a comparison of the individual's Absolute Scores to those of people with similar characteristics. Percentiles are useful in providing a baseline assessment of the overall condition of the client's complexion. This display option is not available for UV image-based features (porphyrins or UV spots).