19.03.2019 10:47:37

Import Speed
The following are some suggestions that can help improve image import speed:
  • Reduce resolution:
    By far, the best way to increase import speed is to reduce the shooting resolution on the camera. In our tests, dropping the resolution from 6MP to 3MP reduced the average import time per image from 9.7 to 4.8 seconds. Although many digital cameras available today offer maximum image resolutions of 5 million pixels and above, the ideal resolution for most medical applications is around 3 million pixels. Click here for more information on image resolution.
  • Avoid image transformations:
    Mirror software offers the ability to automatically rotate, resize, sharpen and color correct images as they are imported. While this feature can be very convenient, it does add to the total import time. The same transformations may still be applied to images as needed once they are in Mirror.
  • Import direct to patient chart:
    Importing images directly to the patient chart instead of to the image gallery can save a couple of seconds per image.
  • Don't wait for stamps to appear:
    If you wish to import all the images from a particular folder, you may click Mark All and Import before the stamps have appeared. Stamps are necessary only if you wish to select specific images to import.
  • Increase RAM:
    If your computer has less than 256MB of RAM or if you run other programs at the same time as Mirror, you may benefit from increasing RAM.