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Digital Photography in Aesthetic Surgery
"Aesthetic Imaging - powerful solutions for digital photography standards in Aesthetic Surgery."

Digitale Photographie GmbH sets the standard for patient imaging with everything from digital cameras to lighting systems and clinical photography accessories. With over 10 years experience in clinical photography, we excels at providing the medical industry with high-quality imaging solutions that are tailored to your needs.
PowerShot G9
Close-Up Scale
MIRROR™ controlled: CANON PowerShot Pro S2 The Canon PowerShot G9 clinical-grade digital camera makes it easy for anyone of your staff to consistently obtain repeatable results.
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Canfield Close-Up Scale - correct positions and distances of digital photograph's The Close-Up Scale adds a definitive reference to magnification in clinical images. Simplify patient positioning and control magnification with a Canfield Close-Up Scale. Autoclavable scales available.
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TwinFlash - bright photograph's without shadows The best flash available for photographing skin. Designed specifically for photographing skin, the TwinFlash provides optimal lighting at all reproduction ratios from close-up to half-body.

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The monostand features a quick release, counter-balanced carriage assembly, indexed vertical post and bidirectional casters. Dual studio strobes travel with the camera.

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