20.02.2019 10:34:35

Omnia™ System
For perfectly aligned before and after photos, the OMNIA Imaging Station features preset camera angles for frontal through full profile plus MatchPose image overlay for quick and accurate patient positioning.

Use MatchPose image overlay to quickly position patients for perfectly aligned before and after photos. IntelliFlash™ lighting system provides superior illumination for capturing skin detail.

OMNIA simplifies and standardizes patient positioning for any series of facial views desired. Optional elevated chin rest provides enhanced view of neck and jawline.

The OMNIA system provides your practice with consistent, professional facial imaging.

View images instantly on-screen.
Use MatchPose image overlay to quickly position patients for perfectly aligned before and after photos.
Tethered capture with Mirror software files images directly in the patient chart.
Compare images or examine specific features with easy-to-use software tools.
Use preset imaging angles for standardized frontal through full profile images.
Expand capability with multiple camera and lighting options.
Communicate treatment plans and outcomes with patients.

Build revenue with OMNIA™ plus MIRROR™ software 

The standard of excellence for medical images, MIRROR™ Software increases revenue with tools for streamlining imaging, facilitating treatment planning and enhancing effectiveness of consultations:

Direct capture from OMNIA to MIRROR™ medical imaging software

Images captured with the OMNIA™ system are saved directly to an electronic record in the MIRROR™ software, streamlining imaging sessions and ensuring data accuracy. Once images have been captured and saved, you can easily search for, view, or print images by patient, treatment or other data.

With MIRROR™, you can quickly locate and retrieve image capture sets, view baseline and follow-up images from one patient or images from different patients side-by-side on-screen. Use MIRROR™’s intuitive tools to prepare images for polished, professional consultations, presentations and publication.